The CMP – Condition Monitoring Pod is a new revolutionary sight glass designed to give you instant feedback and put a range of field lubricant tests at your fingertips.


Early Fault Detection

Early detection of machine faults and abnormal wear is key machine reliability. The failure development period begins with ā€Pā€, the point of first detection, and ends with ā€œFā€, the state of operational failure. The longer the PF interval the greater the likelihood a failure can be detected before expensive collateral damage and unscheduled downtime occurs. The CMP enables daily inspections across numerous critical parameters. This capability delivers a huge benefit over less frequent oil sampling and other condition monitoring activities (vibe, thermography, acoustics, etc.)

Comprehensive Inspection

Most sight glass level gauges are used only to confirm oil volume. Many root causes and symptoms of machine failure are missed due to the limited ability of these sight glasses. The CMP is a multi-parameter inspection pod that greatly modernizes and expands daily one-minute inspections.

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